Congratulations to the 2018 Safety Educator of the Year, Dr. Tyler Love!

Accepting the at National ACTE, Dr. Tyler Love [left] and Dr. Larry D. Teverbaugh, Founder and CEO of CareerSafe [right] in San Antonio, TX.

CareerSafe is proud to announce Dr. Tyler Love of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as the winner of the 2018 CareerSafe Safety Educator of the Year Award. Love was one of three national finalists for the award. Dr. Larry D. Teverbaugh, Founder and CEO of CareerSafe, presented Love with the award at the ACTE Excellence Awards Banquet in San Antonio on Wednesday night.

The Safety Educator of the Year Award was established to recognize educators who have not only dedicated their time to prepare students for the future but to also help students recognize and mitigate workplace hazards in their chosen careers. They instill necessary career skills in their students, while also prioritizing the importance of safety in all aspects of life.

Dr. Tyler Love knows that safety is a lifelong mindset, which is why he has dedicated over 10 years to developing safety curriculum and teaching it to young teachers."I feel like [safety] is something that educators sometimes take for granted or overlook," Love said."The legal cases from CTE accidents that I have reviewed in my research and consulting have motivated me to assist teachers and students with limiting the risk of an accident."

Love's role with CTE / STEM teachers involves training educators about the importance of teaching safety practices to students at a young age so they can develop good habits for when they enroll in high school CTE programs.

"I approach safety as something that should be integrated into all CTE and STEM lessons to prepare safer, more responsible citizens. I also believe that teaching safety practices at the elementary level is critical." Love further explained, "Getting students in the proper mindset early carries over to projects they work on at home and into their secondary education CTE programs."

With an already impressive safety byline, Love shows no plans of stopping anytime soon. Love said, "I hope to provide more safety resources to improve the quality of safety education for teachers and students. I also hope to continue conducting cutting-edge research about the safety of teachers and students in CTE classrooms to inform their practices."

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