Congratulations, 2019 Safety Educator of the Year, Alicia Cox!

This year, CareerSafe® received nominations for educators who have proven their passion for safety in the workplace and have made a true impact on their students. These individuals have demonstrated exemplary achievements in safety and health education. They have established successful safety practices appropriate for their specific career and technical education programs, which have resulted in positive results for student safety both inside and outside of the classroom.

This year's highly deserving 2019 Safety Educator of the Year Award winner – Mrs. Alicia Cox from Casteel High School in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Mrs. Cox has been teaching for 7 years and is going on her 3rd year as the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Sports Medicine program director. With her extensive background, not only as a teacher, but as an athletic trainer, she has been able to pass on her wealth of knowledge to her students."My educational philosophy… I call it a learning party in my class. I want kids to feel that they can be themselves, but also feel empowered." Watching the interaction in the classroom with Mrs. Cox and her students, it becomes very clear that she thoroughly enjoys teaching and is passionate about inspiring the future leaders of healthcare.
Katie George, Program Manager [Left] and Alicia Cox [Right] accepting the award at Nationa ACTE in Anaheim, CA.

Ashley French, Assistant Principal at Casteel High School, has nothing but high praise for Mrs. Cox."In the two years that she has come on, her classroom has doubled our [CTE] program. She has 6 full classes. She has the largest number in the district for sports medicine and she truly implements a quality program that students love and enjoy and want to continue after they become completers [of the CTE program]."

With Mrs. Cox, each student is taught that safety is extremely important. With sports medicine and healthcare, she makes sure they fully understand they are dealing with human lives; with actual injuries."We can actually be the difference between a temp injury, or something that's long term or something that's permanent."

In coordination with the OSHA 10-Hour course her students complete, HIPPA requirements and blood control basics are taught in further detail. The first response techniques taught can save a life and embody safety education at its core. These teaching qualities are what makes Mrs. Alicia Cox a perfect and deserving winner for the 2019 Safety Educator of the Year Award. CareerSafe's National Youth Safety Initiative adamantly believes that no job is worth a young worker's life. With educators like Mrs. Cox preparing young students with safety mindedness, we are one step closer to lowering injury and fatality rates for young workers. The impact she is having on safety will ripple for generations as she continues to teach future Career and Technical Education students.

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