Quarter 2 National Youth Safety Essay Scholarship Contest Winners Announced!

Each quarter, CareerSafe® hosts a scholarship opportunity for students that have completed a CareerSafe course. Students are encouraged to create a written or video essay describing how the OSHA 10-Hour training has made an impact in the way they recognize hazards and how it will be a benefit to their future.

Congratulations to our Quarter 2 Winners: 

​Winner, Breana Fang from Clovis East High School, wrote:

        "Everything that I have learned in this OSHA training, it will definitely benefit my future. Applying my knowledge of physical and chemical hazards and properly lifting a heavy object will help prevent any injuries that may occur in my everyday life and future workplace. As well as learning about HIPAA, PPE, and BBP, it will encourage me in my ability to know how to work professionally and carefully. Also, learning about ergonomics and emergency plans will help set me up for success and be able to work in a safe, comfortable environment in the future. In conclusion, I hope to learn more things along my journey, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn about OSHA and personal safety."

The Quarter 3 Essay Scholarship Contest is currently underway! For more information on the scholarship and to see past winners click here!

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