Quarter 3 National Youth Safety Essay Scholarship Contest Winners Announced!

   Each quarter, CareerSafe® hosts a scholarship opportunity for students that have completed a CareerSafe course. Students are encouraged to create a written or video essay describing how the OSHA 10-Hour training has made an impact in the way they recognize hazards and how it will be a benefit to their future.

Congratulations to our Quarter 3 winners:

   Winner, Logan Donohoo from Fairfield Career Center, wrote:

"OSHA training course has taught me priceless lessons that quite possibly may save my life someday. It makes me think twice before doing a risky or reckless action. Human life cannot have a price put on it and is more fragile than people think. Shortcuts that can potentially jeopardize the lives of you or your coworkers should not be taken, and all safety precautions should be followed at all times, no exceptions."

Congratulations again to these students, thank you for being CareerSafe®!

The Quarter 4 National Youth Safety Essay Scholarship Contest is currently underway! Interested in winning a scholarship worth $500 and chance to be quoted on the front page of our website?

For more information and how to enter click here!

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