The Cyber Safety Awareness Training (for schools) Course is the perfect course for any student or individual who wants to ingrain a safety culture in the digital world.
  • Completion Certificate
  • Ideal for Grades 6-12
  • 90 Minute Seat Time
  • Covers up to 5 Unique Topics

About Cyber Safety Awareness Training

The CareerSafe Online Cyber Safety Awareness Training (High School) course provides high school students with the education, awareness, and resources it takes to stay safe while in the digital world. There is a direct relationship between the advancement of technology and a heightened online risk for young, inexperienced youths. The program covers topics like cyberbullying, sexting, and the consequences of school threats as well as several other pertinent, timely topics that students today face.

Course Topics

  • Importance of Protecting Yourself Online
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Sexual Harassment
  • School Threats

CareerSafe Cyber Safety Course Features

The CareerSafe Online Program is the first of its kind, and offers many unique features to better serve our teachers, students, and individuals. All additional features and add-ons are included in your purchase free of charge!


Mobile Friendly

CareerSafe offers cross-device functionality, so any student can work and complete the course from any device. Whether it be from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the entirety of the CareerSafe course and its features are fully accessible from anywhere and at anytime.

100% Online

Because every CareerSafe course is 100% Online, students, teachers, and individuals will never be required to attend any in-person training or proctored exams. Every CareerSafe student can complete the course at their own pace without time constraints.

Online Gradebook

Every CareerSafe online course is included with an online gradebook free of charge. Any Teacher, Administrator, or Manager can not only track the progress of their students, but also provide graded assignments.

Free Student Climate Report

Upon your school's completion of this course, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of cyber safety related stats about your school. How safe do you students feel online, what is going on outside the classroom?

The Cyber Safety Awareness Course Benefits for Your Students

  1. Awareness:  Helps teens recognize and respond to cyberbullying situations.
  2. Engaging: Students and teens will experience relevant real-life interactive scenarios to encourage smart decision making.
  3. Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime:  Provides students, parents, and educators with available resources.
  4. Creating a Stir in Communities:  By affording students' knowledge and promoting the importance of online (or cyber) safety, this program reaches beyond the classroom.
  5. Impacting Youth:  Y2Y TM (Youth-To-Youth) program is designed to fit the needs of each teen student and help them maintain interest.
  6. Seamless Classroom Integration:  CareerSafe's online training programs are 100% interactive and self-administered.
  7. StartSafe. StaySafe. Philosophy:  Provides a proactive approach to safety education for America's future.
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