Interview Skills Training

The Interview Skills Training course, with a seat time of five hours, provides knowledge and skills for students seeking part-time employment opportunities, internships or apprenticeships.  Through this training, students will learn about seeking and securing employment, workplace ethics, and success in the workplace.

Course Topics:


Applying for a Job

Students will learn how to navigate their way through a standard job application process and be able to list the steps necessary to prepare for an interview.
  • • Employ best practices when creating a résumé.
  • • List components commonly included in a job application form.
  • • Identify the components of a cover letter.
  • • Identify common grammar and format mistakes in employment applications.
  • • Recognize the role background and credit checks play in obtaining employment.

The Role of Social Media in Your Job Search

Provides students the skills necessary to leverage social media and online resources to improve their employment search and recognize the impact their digital footprint can have on their employment prospects.
  • • Demonstrate how to build a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • • Explain how to use social media and the internet to research and connect with potential employers.
  • • Describe how to stay safe on LinkedIn.
  • • Describe how your digital footprint can affect your employment search.
  • • Recall how to ensure your digital footprint reflects a positive, professional image.

Before You Enter the Interview Room

Provides students with knowledge of the tasks which should be performed in advance of an interview.
  • • Recall the importance of being familiar with the description of the job for which you are applying.
  • • Express the importance of researching the employer and interviewer.
  • • Describe how to choose appropriate interview attire.
  • • State the value of traveling to the interview location prior to the interview.
  • • List the documents you should bring to an interview.
  • • Formulate a list of appropriate questions to ask at the interview.

Interview Communication Techniques

Provides information that helps students outline successful interview behaviors and list behaviors to avoid.
  • • Describe appropriate interactions upon arrival at the interview location.
  • • Describe how to manage stress in an interview situation.
  • • Describe the importance of non-verbal communication in an interview.
  • • Explain the importance of active listening.
  • • Restate the value of using appropriate language and tone.
  • • Describe the importance of tailoring your story to the job even if you lack formal work experience.
  • • Recount strategies for answering difficult questions.
  • • List topics which interviewers are not allowed to question you about.

Types of Interviews

Provides students the skills necessary to adequately prepare for all common interview formats.
  • • Recount strategies for preparing for a group interview.
  • • Recount strategies for preparing for a panel interview.
  • • Recall the accepted etiquette for conducting yourself during an interview meal.
  • • Recount strategies for preparing for a working interview.
  • • Describe how to professionally conduct phone and video interviews.

After the Interview

Provides students with hands-on experience in applying skills obtained in the interview techniques covered in the Interview Communication Techniques module.
  • • List content appropriate to include in your thank you note.
  • • Restate best practices for following-up on your application status.
  • • Restate the importance of graciously accepting a rejection.
  • • Recount considerations for accepting a job offer.
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