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Find resources to better implement CareerSafe into your class curriculum, manage your students, and purchase additional vouchers. To speak to your local CareerSafe Representative for your state, please contact them here.
How to Order Replacement OSHA 10-Hour Cards

How to Order Replacement OSHA
10-Hour Cards

If your student lost an OSHA 10-Hour card, learn how to order a new one. Learn How >>
How to Enroll Students

How to Enroll Students

Once you've purchased a CareerSafe course, you can enroll your students! Learn How >>
How to Purchase a CareerSafe Course

How to Purchase a CareerSafe Course

Purchasing a CareerSafe Online course is easy to do! Learn How >>
The CareerSafe Gradebook
Learn how to track and monitor your students and print grade reports.
How to Prevent Students from Failing - Assessment Locking
Prevent your students from using all their final exam assessment attempts.
How to Reset Students Who Failed
Students who failed all final exam attempts can reset their course.
How to Enroll Yourself in a Site License Course
Teachers can enroll themselves into a site license course.
How to Navigate CareerSafe Courses
Using CareerSafe Online is simple and straight-forward.
How to Unenroll a Student from a Course
Teachers can unenroll your students.
How to Reset A Student's Password
As the teacher, you can change and reset your students' CareerSafe login credentials.
PowerPoint Presentations and Lesson Plans
Integrate CareerSafe into your class curriculum with these presentations.
How to Print Completion Certificates
Learn how to print student completion certificates.
How to Exchange OSHA 10-Hour Seats
Teachers can swap unused course seats.
License Management
Easily organize and allocate purchased CareerSafe seats.

Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

Why do I need to provide a shipping address?
This is the address to which OSHA 10-Hour cards will be mailed upon successful course completion.
What forms of payment are accepted? What about Purchase Orders (POs)?
How do I qualify for the discounted price?
How can I contact my CareerSafe Representative?
How can I reset a student's password?
How can I monitor my students' progress?
Can my students get the discounted price if they personally purchase a CareerSafe 10-Hour course?
What is the refund policy?
Where does CareerSafe get the information for the courses?
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